FarmIT specialise in the provision of a number of hardware and software solutions to farming issues for stock, pasture, and crop management, harvesting, and processing. These products assist in the automation of many management tasks, capturing of management information and subsequent reporting on operations for both historical reports and forcasting.

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We are pleased to have been appointed resellers for the award winning Fairport Technologies suite of sofware products, the details for which are included below:

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PAM is a complete Primary Production Recording System. Farmers at last have a tool, which will store and analyse all their paddock records simply and efficiently. Paddock records are difficult to keep manually and almost impossible to analyse, so that most farmers have tended to keep minimal records, but all farmers know the value of the information that escapes them as a result. Our PAM UltraCrop program has been designed for the horticulture and viticulture industries. It encompasses all the basic functionality of the PAM QA Plus system but has added features to cater for tree and vine crops. Some of our PAM Ultracrop clients have mixed farming enterprises … cattle, hay, grapes, apples and vegetables! …and YES! PAM Ultracrop can handle the production recording needs of such farms.

PAM AusVit is designed to assist in vineyard management decision making through the recording, analysis and reporting of critical activities, events and conditions within the vineyard. It aims to assist growers and managers achieve their target levels of vineyard efficiency, yield and fruit quality, while reducing the risk of crop losses and minimising the use of chemicals.

Designed to run on either Palm Pilot or Pocket PC devices this suite of software allows you to take the functionality of the other programs with you during the day. It allows both information to be viewed whilst in the field and also any information gathered to be instanly entered for later uploading to the master computer.

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Farm IT are pleased to be able to provide HACCP Manager Software from South Coast Business Solutions in Australia for a complete easy to use solution to your HACCP management needs.

Create HACCP plans electronically, reconcile documents automatically and monitor compliance remotely, our technology can provide unmatched integration and transparency.

HACCP Manager Software allows companies to:

  • Create a framework for food safety and quality assurance
  • Ensure day to day compliance standards are being met
  • Help decrease food safety administration time
  • Enter, edit and monitor information locally or remotely
  • Ability to add fields as needed for custom requirements
  • and more...

    For further information on the HACCP Manager Software please call us on 0800 4 FARMIT or visit the software website at

    FarmIT are the NZ representatives for the ProducePak Solutions suite of software for farm and packhouse management. This software caters for any size of farm or packhouse environent and provides a wealth of features which we believe will assist you in more efficiently managing your organisation. For further information please contact us for a discussion on how these products will assist your organisation, or follow this link to theProducePak website from the overviews below.



    Farm and Packhouse Software


    The ProducePak range of software offers farm management and packhouse software for medium to large farms, packhouses, and horticulutre based businesses. The software is easy to use for managing, monitoring, and reporting production and production costs; and provides a significant return on investment.

    The ProducePak farm software and packhouse software comes with unique features like Spray Dairy, Water Dairy & timesheet & labour management, production & growing reporting and many more features. As part of our ongoing service to clients, we also offer support, installation, on-site training, training courses, and special projects where we can tailor a system to meet the farm or packhouse requirements. The TotalPak solutions are now seen as the superior choice for medium to large sized farms and packhouses around the world. International provider of farm management software, horticulture software and packhouse software.

    ProducePak farm software manages spray diary, picking, harvesting, vegetable packing, farm equipment, farm machinery, and all other production tasks. The Farming Software is now used around the world and increases farm profit significantly. ProducePak packhouse management software manages fruit grading, vegetable grading, fruit packing, vegetable packing, fruit and vegetable quality management, and the entire packing process including marketing and dispatch. Integrate your chosen ProducePak solution for farm accounting, farm accounts, packhouse accounts, and financial management with your existing financial package, or optionally use our in house integrated version of Microsoft Great Plains for financial management.


    Farm Software

    Discover how to reduce farm operational expenses and improve reporting and staff management for production of fruit and vegetables... Enhance farm and production efficiency.

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    Farm Software for PDA's & Handhelds

    Controlling and managing the production process has never been easier! And now you can do it from anywhere using our Mobile Production Management system for fruit and vegetable growers.

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    Packhouse Software

    Uncover new levels of productivity in your packhouse by implementing ProducePak Packhouse Management. The system provides a host of business improvements ranging from management control, quality control, and increased profits....

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    Packhouse Software for PDA's & Handhelds

    Use the mobile packhouse management software in conjunction with the PC based packhouse management software to achieve even better efficiency gains and improvements ranging from management control, quality control, and increased profits....

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    Financial Management by MBS Great Plains / Dynamics

    Financial Management has never been easier or more accurate! Combine your chosen TotalPak Business management system with the proven strength of Microsoft Great Plains / Dynamics Financial Management Modules

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    Fruit & Vegetable Wholesale Software

    MarketPOS provides fruit and vegetable agents and wholesalers with a rapid Point Of Sale system, which also has innovative features such as Touch Screen and Finger Print technology which makes it easier for non computer users to access.

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    We are able to provide a range of harware to assist in managing your operation. These range from UHF Communications equipment, Radio Telephony, GPS systems for mapping, Weather Recording Equipment, EID readers and Electronic Scales. These products are summarised below and further details can be obtained by clicking on the logo link which will take you to the on-line store.

    GPS Equipment

    UHF Communications

    The GARMIN GPS products provides a world leading range of GPS equipment for assisting in the mapping of your property. The GME Electrophone UHF communications equipment provides a cost effective means of keeping in constant communication over large distances. Handheld or vehicle mounting equipment is available.

    UHF Telemetry

    Weather Data Monitoring

    The GME Electrophone range of Radio Telemetry equipment allows monitoring an control of a wide range of equipment from a central location, or even a vehicle within radio range of the farm. The La Crosse Technology range of Weather Monitoring equipment is ideal for commercial and professional applications. Designed to a high standard at a competitive price the units provide a completely self contained weather recording solution.
      For examples of the weather reporting by the La Crosse Professional Weather Stations and Weather Display software follow the links below:
      Weather Display LIVE
      Weather Display