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16-04-2004 PAM AusVit Released
PAM AusVit is designed to assist in vineyard management decision making through the recording, analysis and reporting of critical activities, events and conditions within the vineyard. It aims to assist growers and managers achieve their target levels of vineyard efficiency, yield and fruit quality, while reducing the risk of crop losses and minimising the use of chemicals. PAM AusVit can provide information on the prevailing situation in a vineyard and any action required, based on current scientific knowledge and management practices. Through the recording and analysis of vineyard monitoring results and weather conditions, PAM AusVit aims to determine more accurately when disease and insect damage will occur and suggests possible courses of action.
It can also provide recommendations on irrigation scheduling, with the aim of improving fruit quality.
The recommendations, together with summary reports of the vineyard block profile, irrigation schedule, spray records, nutrition recommendations and scouting results may all be printed as required.
A comprehensive chemical database is also included, providing an easy to use detailed reference to assist growers and vineyard managers find the information they need on the registered chemicals commonly used in vineyards.